A Message from Craig Sider

Dear Movement Family,


As we navigate the complexities of COVID-19 as followers of Jesus and as those who work for the flourishing of cities, we have a unique opportunity to model the love and peace of Jesus while we care for our communities and those most vulnerable.

As Christ followers, we can be prayerful, peaceful, and practical. We have the unique privilege of bringing a non-anxious presence to the growing fear and anxiety in our culture. Our posture is to be led by faith rather than fear. The Apostle Paul’s words to Timothy are a powerful reminder, “for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control” (2 Timothy 1:7).

Simultaneously, our desire is also to serve as responsible persons/communities of faith within our cities and nations. As we work together for the good of our cities, we model good citizenship and responsibility in taking steps to protect those around us. In the peace provided by Jesus we do not disparage those who experience deep fear and panic, but rather we let our gentleness be evident to all.

Andy Crouch, in a recent Praxis Journal article, reminds us of the reassurance and responsibility of our faith in Christ.

All of us have a primary responsibility as leaders, as far as it depends on us, to be well-rested, soaked in prayer and contemplation, and free of personal fear and anxiety. We need to start and end each day as children of our heavenly Father, friends of Jesus, and grateful recipients of the Holy Spirit. We need to pray for genuine spiritual authority, rooted in the love that casts out fear, to guard and govern our lives as we lead, and trust that God will make up what is lacking in our own frail hearts, minds, and bodies.

Our MOVEMENT.ORG team around the world remains committed to our mission as we adjust to the rapidly changing and difficult environment. We fervently pray and seek to advance the hope and love of Jesus Christ throughout the cities of our world.

In Him and Through Him,
Craig Sider President and CEO