Sun after a storm

Weathering the Storm with Marketplace Leaders

July 30, 2020

Today’s marketplace leaders are facing incredible challenges, with multiple issues colliding as new ones appear on the horizon. We were blessed recently to hear from Dr. Chip Roper of VOCA Center and Chuck Proudfit of At Work On Purpose®, who discussed four major forces threatening marketplace leaders and four ways city leaders can support them. Marketplace leaders are not somehow insulated from these factors but are facing them simultaneously: Physical health. COVID is real and the effects are many Economic instability. Major disruptions are causing short-term and long-term changes Social unrest. Systemic racial injustices are intrinsic to the marketplace, not…

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Races holding hands

Beyond Legislation

June 23, 2020

In these tumultuous days, with topics around racial inequality at the forefront of many conversations, there often seem to be more questions than answers. What does meaningful progress look like? How should the Church respond? How can we lead our cities forward and make a lasting difference, both in the hearts of our people and the trajectory of our policies? Humility is an important first step. We can set aside our pride by examining history and the lessons learned by others who have gone before us. We were blessed recently to hear from Alan Platt, founder of Doxa Deo Churches,…

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Back to the Future

May 21, 2020

Special thanks to Dr. A.R. Bernard for sharing his wisdom & insights on how we are to perceive this current reality. As we begin to emerge from many weeks of quarantines and figure out how to embrace the new normal, no one knows exactly what our lives will look like or what to expect. In this ongoing process, we can find encouragement in the words of the prophet Isaiah, when he was speaking to the nation of Israel at a time when they were traumatized by seeing what was happening to their nation. In Chapter 43, Isaiah announces that what…

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Woman praying in front of a sunrise (or sunset)

New Normal

April 13, 2020

“The new normal. A strange and unprecedented time. This time we find ourselves living in. The world will never be the same.” We’re hearing these phrases over and over lately – in emails from restaurants we’ve only been to once, in commercials for tough sounding trucks and tempting credit card offers, in social media posts from organizations trying to stay relevant while staying afloat. As people all over the world try to cope with the medical, economic and personal impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are seeing a variety of responses ranging from highly creative to deeply desperate. As Christians…

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Man reading to his son

Holy Saturday

April 11, 2020

Have you ever wondered what the reason was for Holy Saturday? Why the uncomfortable delay from the crucifixion until the time Jesus rose again on Sunday morning? Hope was in short supply during this time of being caught in between. On this desolate day, those who loved Jesus hid behind locked doors in fear and despair, worried about their futures in the eerie quiet. The story was incomplete, and they were left with little to do but wait. Most had either forgotten God’s promise or no longer believed it. But even though they couldn’t see what was happening, He was…

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People holding hands above their heads in worship while standing on a beach

Multiply or Divide

April 9, 2020

A global crisis calls for a global response. As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt life as we know it around the world, we can see the immediate effects on our healthcare systems, our economies and our families. But there are deeper dangers that we cannot see as readily. In cases where the damage may not be as obvious, the truth is that existing inequalities threaten to further the divide between neighbors across cities and nations. Six Continents, One Call On April 8, 2020, hosted a video conference call to bring together 330 Christian leaders from more than 35…

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