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Movement USA


U.S. City Leaders Call


Chat Transcript

00:39:21 Jose Duran: Awesome Adam!

00:41:19 Tom White: “animated Adam!

00:41:26 Kevin Palau: I've LOVED being a part of a number of those pastors prayer gatherings in powerful!

00:41:32 Lisa Mathews: contagious!!!!

00:42:03 lesly : it was a blessing

00:42:17 Lisa Mathews: Ministers anointed to serve in a time of darkness!

00:44:00 Jose Duran: We need to move from colleague to friendship!

00:44:10 Lisa Mathews: yes!

00:44:15 Jose Duran: That is powerful statement!

00:46:01 Lisa Mathews: Awesome!

00:46:03 Annette Cutino: Bless you Adam!

00:46:55 Chris Yu: Movement Day NYC 2020: Registration link: | Tuesday Oct 20 to Wednesday 21, 2020

00:51:48 Craig Sider: outstanding leadership, Adam. serving the city!!

00:51:58 Jose Duran: How are you guys following CDC guidelines for this meeting?

00:52:37 Annette Cutino: Jose - MD NYC will be virtual

00:52:47 Jose Duran: Great!

00:52:54 Annette Cutino: Jose - evening gathering will be at restaur

00:53:13 Jose Duran: So cool! 🙂

00:54:00 Annette Cutino: Jose - restaurant with CDC guidelines being managed by restaurant….

00:54:30 Annette Cutino: Thank you Tracy for praying for NYC!

00:54:48 Chris Yu: Movement Day NYC 2020: Registration link: | Tuesday Oct 20 to Wednesday 21, 2020

00:55:11 Jose Duran: Thank you Adam!

00:55:25 Adam Durso: Thanks everyone!

00:55:28 Adam Durso: Love you all!

00:56:10 Adam Durso: Sign up your team by 10/10 and receive your FREE “Time Capsule from theFuture”

00:59:53 Annette Cutino: Great video, Craig P and team!

01:00:15 Jose Duran: Great Job Craig!

01:00:17 Lisa Mathews: Lisa Mathews,

01:07:31 Lisa Mathews: Please let us know how we may make this gathering a success for everyone!

01:08:00 Chris Mitchell: Hi everyone. Chris Mitchell, Williamsburg Virginia

01:15:54 Lisa Mathews: thank you, Rick!!!!!

01:15:55 Chris Yu: ^Rick's presentation

01:16:12 Jose Duran: Thank you so Much Rick!

01:16:41 Erna Gordon: Thank you Rick. Appreciated.

01:17:39 Lisa Mathews: Reach out if I may serve you in any way!

01:17:51 Jose Duran: This is such a great time invested! Thank you!

01:18:09 Erna Gordon: Jim Liske - Thank you and Team. God bless