QIV 2020 Newsletter:

Global Impact Update


From Craig Sider

2020 is a most unusual year on so many fronts. I know it has been for many of you. The word, disrupted, has been in MOVEMENT.ORG’s language for several years, but never has it been more applicable than this year.

AND YET, our ministry has accelerated in 2020 more than any previous year. We are humbled with all that God is placing in our hands. City Movement leaders from around the world are being called on to foster unity in their cities and bring a unified Church to address the challenges and brokenness in our cities. Just in the last few months, we have seen God double the number of engaged leaders and move in remarkable ways:


From Dr. Mac Pier

Movement Day Scholars: Training 1000 Leaders To Impact 1000 Cities by 2025

On September 18-19, 2020 we launched the Movement Day Scholars Program with 160 leaders from around the world. The 9-hour training was conducted over two days via Zoom. Seventy percent of the participants were from India and Africa, with strong representation from Southern Europe, North America, and Indonesia.

The vision of the program is to give city movement practitioners training in urban theology, organizational skill development, strategic planning, and designing a ten year plan for their city. Faculty included Dr. Ray Bakke, the most globally renowned Christian urbanologist.


From Jose Duran

Florecimiento espiritual y social para cada ciudad de America Latina

We are very excited about finding ways to serve as a ministry and providing organization to the Latino leaders.  We share the same vision and mission, with a specific contextualization in each country and city. So far we are serving leaders and forming teams in Puerto Rico, Chile, Venezuela, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Mexico.

With the leaders of each city, we are taking time to listen to their needs, and together we are envisioning and dreaming for their cities. We want the unity of their leadership to flourish and to create real opportunities so that the Gospel can be proclaimed and the cities will have substantial improvements.


From Peter Watt

AfricaAn Opportunity to Expand Connectivity

2020 has been a COVID-disrupted year for everyone, but it has also provided some alternative opportunities. In the case of Movement Day Africa, the disruption of COVID-19 has helped us to fast-track the process of expanding the level of connectivity and gaining traction into more nations and cities in Africa due to online digital platforms.


From Ian Shelton

Disruptions Lead to Clarity and Connections

What a year. Don't you love it when God disrupts all your plans! Although we didn't have a Movement Day Australia gathering this year, as we have for the past 3 years, we have had more connections than ever. Once COVID hit, we moved to regular national Zoom calls, which created a great space for many new people to join and hear the message. At the same time, our leadership team has been able to clarify our vision going forward into 2021.  As COVID restrictions are lifting around the nation, we are encouraging our cities/towns to run a Movement Day event of some sort, even if it's for a few hours. A lot of our cities have unity groups, but now we are encouraging them to take the next step of looking at their city and how they can work together for the flourishing of their "place."


From Roger Sutton

Transformation through City Focus

The Movement Day vision across Europe continues to expand, with new cities expressing interest on a regular basis. The city transformation vision is strong across cities like Berlin, Oslo and the Balkans. In the UK, Movement Day's unity vision has been developing well for some time with over 140 city unity movements already in place. We now have 20 cities across Europe developing a long-term Movement Day process.

Our main challenges are to do with the COVID crisis and the cancellation of several in-person large events during 2020-21. However, the crisis is also stimulating church leaders to think more about their cities and new unity movements are arising all the time.

Please pray for more resources to help nurture and mentor cities in the Movement Day way and pray for the cities of Europe who have been deeply affected by the virus. The road to recovery will be a long journey but there is hope if we work together and we will be able to build back better.


God is in Control

“In a time of great uncertainty and hopelessness, God has yet again proved that He is in total control and His work will continue without ceasing.” This is the bold testimony of Movement Day South Asia.

Before June 2020, the gospel movement of uniting churches, marketplace leaders and nonprofit leaders was active in 4 cities in the great sub-continent. Though we are in the midst of a pandemic and physical meetings were impossible, God opened up a way to meet virtually through which more than 24 cities are currently having an active Movement Day engagement.

One of the most important milestones is the Movement Day Expression in the city of Kochi, Kerala. This Youth Movement Day was virtually conducted in the month of September 2020. The city leaders came together, and sphere headed it and the youth of the city executed it beautifully. The focus was on the issues faced by the youth and the resource people nailed it with real time statistics and life experiences. This stirred the hearts of the young people and also challenged them to work for the transformation of the city.


From Tim Day

CanadaCities across Canada Continue to Battle the Spread of COVID-19

We conducted a national leadership survey in partnership with WayBase and a group of national researchers to identify the impact of the pandemic on Churches and ministries this fall. We discovered that the greatest innovation has been churches and ministries adding online services. Over 50% of all Christian churches are experiencing a significant decrease in donations. Almost 50% of people are continuing to engage churches through online services rather than in-person services. Finally, small group ministry and local community service are two of the top priorities for church leaders. 

NYC & Lead.NYC

From Adam Durso

New YorkMore than a Moment

God is moving in and throughout the city of New York. The transformative power of Jesus Christ was evident throughout the virtual 2- day Movement Day NYC 2020 (MDNYC2020). 

We were met with engaging keynotes sessions on Intersection between Kingdom and Culture by Dr. A.R. Bernard, The Process of Lament with Dr. Soong- Chan Rah, and the Next Generation by Dr. Kara Powell.


From Jim Liske and Lisa Mathews

MDX2020: A Global View

Thank you to everyone whose participation, enthusiasm and dedication helped to make Movement Day X 2020 such a success. With 1,900 registrants from 80+ countries around the world, this virtual conference brought together our global family of city gospel movements like never before. The ability to gather leaders together at MDX2020 – across time zones, over language barriers and around technical glitches – only enhanced the experience, creating a new energy in the process. Coming together for corporate worship, prayer, learning and celebration was a powerful, real-life example of unity in action.

With a look at the past 10 years in New York City, Mac Pier shared the North Star Vision for the next 10 years. This vision focuses on Marketplace ministry, reaching those in the Margins, uniting with Millennial and Next Gen leaders, Multiplying Churches and uniting in Prayer. City leaders were asked, what can God do in your city by the year 2030?