Our Mission

To catalyze leaders to spiritually & socially impact their cities

through rigorous research, uniting prayer, unified local leadership, and powerful collaboration between diverse sectors.


The Centrality of Corporate Spiritual Disciplines

Churches, business and agency leaders need to be invited into a common spiritual experience for their city. This is the foundation of gospel movements over the past 30-years, with expressions like Concerts of Prayer, Greater New York’s Pastors’ Prayer Summit, The Lord’s Watch (daily prayer) and various other city-wide prayer and Scripture reading campaigns being classic examples.

Every movement needs common language or “semantic currency,” such as Luther’s “95 Theses” for the Reformation. Even prayer requires submission to unity. We need to be careful not to let our commitment to our own theology or methodologies divide us.


Compelling Research Spawns Results

Whether it’s as basic as online population, employment, academic performance and immigration research, or as sophisticated as hiring professionals to gather detailed and granular research on a community, city or region, good research compels action.

We have discovered that the average leader in the average church has little idea of what is actually happening in their city. Armed with compelling research, the informed church can rally around common challenges, and establish powerful agreement on what needs to be done as well as what they can accomplish together.


Training Existing Leadership & Cultivating Millennial Leadership

It is critical to provide training for gospel movement practitioners. The majority of city movements in North America are currently led by caucasian, male baby-boomers. While these leaders are passionate and effective mobilizers, they sometimes lack the organizational capacity that is needed to move beyond the ‘awareness and spiritual discipline’ phase and become effective at envisioning and skillfully deploying leaders around areas of common passion. Unique training is needed for each entity, in what we call the “3-legged stool”: church leader, marketplace leader and mission agency leader.


Convening Diverse Leaders to Work Together

It is important to listen to others’ perspectives and determine, together, how the Lord might be calling upon us to improve the world for all His people by aiding vulnerable families, immigrants, refugees, ex-offenders and more through Jesus’ love. Bring the power of the "congregant army" to bear in our communities. It is only with a unified front that we will see explosive growth- in conversions, in church plantings, in the growth of the gospel’s influence on society and against the greatest humanitarian challenges of our day.