Our Vision

Every global city is flourishing

spiritually and socially


The best way to understand the concept of unity is by the example of the Holy Trinity, where three distinct roles are shared in oneness. They are interrelated and interdependent. However, unity does not mean uniformity. The strength of each individual part remains important in the power of the whole. Through prayer, humility and love, this power can become a gospel movement in our cities, standing as a witness to a watching world.

gos•pel move•ment

When a city’s Christian population is growing faster than the general population and there's a critical mass of believers gathering,  Christianity begins to have a disproportionate effect on the population’s values and beliefs. The gospel begins to spread organically and spontaneously, without external control. The Gospel Movement effort includes:

icon integrate

Local Churches Focusing Outwardly to Reach New Individuals

icon transforming

Leaders Transforming the Lives of the Marginalized

icon faith

Leaders Exercising their Faith & Influence Across Society

icon connect

City-Wide Networks that Develop & Connect Leaders